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Contemporary Classic, that is Aaron Henry Designs.

Recognized as a 'Designer of the 21stCentury,’ Aaron Henry accolades include: Spectrum, Niche, Signity, and Diamonds Today awards. AARON HENRY jewelry has been featured by the World Gold Council, The Jewelry Information Center, the GIA, the AGTA, De Beers and the California Jewelers Association.

You may have seen his creations in magazines including Vanity Fair, Town & Country, Millionaire, Robb Report and InStyle. National Jeweler lists him as "One of the top 100 designers of the past 30 years.”


The hallmarks of AARON HENRY jewelry are design integrity, gemstone quality, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Fine jewelry is an art form, and the creative process extends beyond our studio into every aspect of the world around us. Where we travel, who we meet and how we interact with nature and culture; our experiences and desires all influence the direction that our designs take.This is why the jewelry that we create today will remain relevant for future generations, and why our designs will continue to evolve.

Each jewel is assembled, set and polished by hand and under magnification with an eye to detail. There are no short-cuts when creating exceptional jewelry; it is an involved and labor intensive process. This commitment makes a difference. Every piece is created in platinum and/or various shades of 18 karat (or higher) recycled gold. All of our diamonds are graded by a Graduate Gemologist for color (F-G), clarity (VS), and cut (exceptional). The finest, responsibly sourced, gemstones are meticulously sorted and arranged to create finished pieces that are versatile, precious, sophisticated and collectable.