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Collector Art Glass by Tomáš Hlavicka Arrives

Friday, April 12, 2013


Tomáš Hlavička is one of the Czech Republic’s prime glass artists, known throughout the world for his dramatic fused sculptures. Years ago we asked Bohumil Eliáš, whose sculptures we were displaying, about other artists we might bring to the West Coast. His wife immediately called Mr. Hlavička and made the introduction. The next day we drove to Prague. Mr. Hlavička, quiet and unassuming, explained how he had fallen in love and found his muse, the daughter of Pavel Hlava, and became an artist. Pavel Hlava was considered the Picasso of Czech art glass. 
Tomáš Hlavička showed us his studio and the many creations on their way to galleries in Japan and France. He opened his large kilns where he fires his glass for up to a week to leach out the gasses that form tiny bubbles. Our goal, not being a ‘collector’ gallery - we are too new on the scene for that - was to offer our non-collector clients a chance to see these museum quality creations that are hidden from view to the general public.

We arranged for several of his sculpted bowls to be shipped to ZFolio, layered with silver and creating stunning depth and patterns. They were so well received that we quickly ordered another collection. Last year Tomáš Hlavička agreed to share with us his signature Penguin sculptures, an honor we deeply appreciated.

Theoretically one would now call him a sculptor. The influence of his architectural education is evident in the precision of his work and his approach to his craft. He chooses to build his works rather than form them in the traditional sense. He does not blow glass, he constructs with pieces of float glass, fusing metals, cleaning, cutting, polishing and gluing the materials into his desired form. Make no mistake about it. "Glass art is hard work,” he says.
Currently his award winning Penguins are on display in Monterey and in Solvang. So popular are they that within a week the small creation was winging its way to a new home. We have asked for a replacement. Drop by. See for yourself. They are worth the trip and you get to wave at sea otters as you watch sun set over Monterey Bay.


Posted by Michael Mendizza

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