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Capturing Nature's Beauty with Custom Silk Scarves

Fresh, vibrant and uniquely you. Create your own custom silk scarf in three easy steps.

Special introductory pricing of $95 for the smaller scarf (usually $140) and $125 for the larger scarf (usually $180)

1. Choose Your Image
Visit the Photography section and choose from almost 100 Fine Art Nature Images

2. Select Your Size
Choose from two different scarf sizes.
Smaller - 22" tall by 40" across
Larger - 40" tall by 70" across

3. Call us at 855-892-6870 to Place Your Order
It's that easy! Your scarf will be printed to your specifications on a luxurious Silk Habutai using a "green" print process and ready to ship in two weeks. Silk Habutai meaning "soft as down” in Japanese, is a lightweight, delicate silk fabric with a smooth finish and flowing drape once used mainly for making silk kimonos. This vibrant shimmering, fabric flows gracefully over your shoulders. Silk habotai can be dry cleaned or hand washed in lukewarm water and should be laid flat when drying to avoid ironing.