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Jeff Peters-Ceramic Ikebana Vase - Round - Sunset-IKE-RND-PEA Jeff Peters-Ceramic Ikebana Vase - Round - Sunset-IKE-RND-PEA

Ceramic Ikebana Vase - Round - Sunset

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Jeff Peters-Ceramic Ikebana Vase - Round - Sunset-IKE-RND-PEA Jeff Peters-Ceramic Ikebana Vase - Round - Sunset-IKE-RND-PEA
You know you "wanna" IKEBANA! Natural, graceful and elegant. This round vase is sunset blue. One may think that this beautiful handmade ceramic vase is simply to display cut flowers. However, ikebanas are intriguingly complex in their simplicity of form. Ikebanas combine both nature and humanity in a disciplined living art form.

These vases were created in Georgetown, Maine by artist Jeff Peters for you to convey your very own creative expression. Your canvas is the ikebana vase. Your materials are living branches, leaves, grasses and blossoms that you find in nature. The beauty lies in the color combinations, natural shapes, graceful lines, and usually implied meaning of the arrangement. There is a pin frog at the base of each vase. The pin frog pierces the stem of the flower, transferring the water to the plant and extending the life of the arrangement.

Often fresh flowers last over three weeks. With a variety of shapes and beautiful colors, not only do they make thoughtful hostess gifts but they are wonderful to give for any occasion. Jeff uses porcelain, a higher grade ceramic for his pottery.

Ceramic Ikebana Vase Details

Vase Material: Porcelain Ceramic
Vase Shape: Round Shape
Ceramic Color: Purple Iridescent
Blue Iridescent
Vase Dimensions: 4cm tall
15cm in diameter
Markings: Maker's Mark
Artist's Edition: Studio Production

Artist Details

Artist's Name: Jeff Peters
Artist's Location: Georgetown, Maine, USA
Artist's Technique: Thrown and Fired

Jeff Peters

Originally from California began making pottery one room log cabin in 1972 after finishing his third year as a ceramics student. After working at a ceramic workshop during the summer Jeff and his friend John Okie found a small log cabin for sale. Soon they were making pots and having a great time. Better yet they were selling them. In the beginning everything was made with stoneware. It wasn't until 1980 that the switch would be made to porcelain. Since then the pottery shop has changed in size and shape but the idea behind the work is still the same. The one room log cabin that the pottery was started in still stands.

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