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Pavel Havelka-Fusion Art Glass Object - Red - Teardrop-56591-19-RED Pavel Havelka-Fusion Art Glass Object - Red - Teardrop-56591-19-RED

Fusion Art Glass Object - Red - Teardrop

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Pavel Havelka-Fusion Art Glass Object - Red - Teardrop-56591-19-RED Pavel Havelka-Fusion Art Glass Object - Red - Teardrop-56591-19-RED
Amusing ConFUSION. How did they do that? This contemporary art glass is an inverted teardrop shape that contains a fusion of ethereal red creating a soft, warm glow. A single, elongated bubble is perfectly encapsulated by intricately swirled threads of vibrant red. Hand-blown, polished and cut. The sides are softly curved with the front and back perfectly flat.

Art Glass Paperweight Details

Paperweight's Name: Fusion Teardrop in Red
Paperweight's Shape: Teardrop
Type of Glass: Sodium-Potassium Glass
Glass Colors: Red
Glass Finish: Polished
Paperweight Dimensions: 19cm tall
9cm across
6cm deep
Markings: Signed by the Artist
Artist's Collection: Fusion
Artist's Edition: Studio Production

Artist Details

Artist's Name: Pavel Havelka
Artist's Location: Czech Republic
Artist's Technique: Free-Blown and Cut

Pavel Havelka

Understanding of form and color is essential when working with glass as artistic medium. Young Pavel Havelka mastered both under the direction of Pavel Jezek during studies at School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Zelezny Brod, then Czechoslovakia.

He spent the next eight years perfecting his skills while working with hot glass at the Center for Fine Crafts and Arts in Skrdlovice. There he was mentored by established glass artists Frantisek Vizner and Petr Hora. In 1994 he was invited to work closely for five years with Jaroslav Svoboda, also one of the most respected Czech glass artists. During 1999 to 2006 he was responsible for artistic direction and production management at Glass Art Princ. Many Princ art glass designs in production today were created by him.  

In 2002 Pavel Havelka established his own studio. His interest lays in finishing the surface of art glass – cutting, polishing, grinding, and other, mostly forgotten, techniques. Of interest is the interplay of form and decorative detailing of glass surface, inspired by nature; decoration and depth of art glass with proportion of object; and quality craftsmanship, for which Czech glass is known.

His works are featured in the Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Prague, Permanent Collection and published in New Glass Review, Corning Museum of Glass, USA, 2009. In addition Havelka’s work appears in many private collections in the United States, Germany, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan.

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