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Perfecto Glass-Glass Tear Drop Earrings - Blue-ESO-27-BL Perfecto Glass-Glass Tear Drop Earrings - Blue-ESO-27-BL

Glass Tear Drop Earrings - Blue

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Perfecto Glass-Glass Tear Drop Earrings - Blue-ESO-27-BL Perfecto Glass-Glass Tear Drop Earrings - Blue-ESO-27-BL
Drops of Pure Color - SOLA style. Bright & Cheerful. Each piece of Perfecto Glass Jewelry in the SOLA collection is hand-worked with a stationary torch by artist Bryce Tippner in Portland, Oregon. After Bryce has completed the torch work, the glass is then hand-painted with gorgeous, brilliant blue color, and placed in a kiln. Watch light and shadows play all day long in this custom piece of tear dropped shaped glass jewelry. Created in a spectrum of colors, each pair of earrings has a matching necklace that is offered separately. Teardrop shape handmade glass and sterling silver dangle earrings. Contemporary and elegant -and fun!

Dangle Earring Details

Earring Style: Glass Lampwork Dangle Earrings
Backing Style: French Hook
Hanging Length: 35mm
Earring Width: 14mm
Earring Depth: 7mm
Metal Type: Sterling Silver
Metal Color: White
Metal Finish: Polished
Artist's Collection: Sola Tear Drops
Artist's Edition: Studio Production

Glass Tear Drop Details

Type of Glass: Painted Borosilicate Glass
Glass Color: Deep Blue
Drop Dimensions: 23mm tall
14mm across
7mm deep
Setting: Peg Set

Artist Details

Artist's Name: Bryce Tippner of Perfecto Glass
Artist's Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Artist's Technique: Lampworked, Kiln Fired and Hand Painted

Bryce and Paola Tippner

The classic story of a new small family, an artist with excitement and passion, and a vision for art glass jewelry that is both beautiful and affordable. At Perfecto Glass Jewelry, the mission is to design and create very unique jewelry that blends fashion, art, affordability and craftsmanship. The appearance of this handcrafted glass jewelry changes with its environment. The color and curved lens like design of each peace catches the light that dances across the surface. Each piece is hand made in the Tippner family studio. Life changes and so does hand crafted glass art jewelry from Perfecto

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