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Stephen Schlanser

Art Glass Collection

Stephen Schlanser-Happiness Art Glass Bud Vase - Red-HPYBUDRED Stephen Schlanser-Happiness Art Glass Bud Vase - Red-HPYBUDRED

Happiness Art Glass Bud Vase - Red

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Stephen Schlanser-Happiness Art Glass Bud Vase - Red-HPYBUDRED Stephen Schlanser-Happiness Art Glass Bud Vase - Red-HPYBUDRED
Not money, fame or how many toys; HAPPINESS is the most important thing in life. Stephen Schlanser, a master of creating heartwarming and inspirational glass sculptures, crafted this bud vase, the perfect gift for the person who brings happiness into your life. Crystal clear with red accent. 5 inches square.

Art Glass Vase Details

Vase's Name: Happiness Bud Vase
Vase Shape: Square Shape
Type of Glass: Crystal
Glass Colors: Clear
Glass Finish: Polished
Vase Dimensions: 12.5cm Square
Markings: Signed by the Artist
Artist's Collection: Motivation
Artist's Edition: Studio Production

Artist Details

Artist's Name: Stephen Schlanser
Artist's Location: Pasadena, California, USA
Artist's Technique: Kiln Fired, Hand Cut, Deep-Carved Sandblasted and Painted

Stephen Schlanser

Has a diverse and interesting background. Essentially self-taught, his occupations range from racing motorcycles to modeling to creating both stained glass art and slumped glass art. for over 17 years Stephen has been making stained glass as well as his current style of slumped, etched and sandblasted glass. He was drawn to glass while working as an apprentice to the renowned German artisan, Paul Von Domarus and later opened his own studio. Later he began working with hot glass formed in a kiln and set the stage for his current designs.

Each piece starts from a piece of sheet glass which is carefully shaped inside a closed kiln after being heated to a melting temperature. After each piece is allowed to cool, it is handcut and polished on a diamond wheel. Stephen begins with a hand drawing, are then cut and many are high pressure sandblasted.

All of Schlanser’s designs are copyrighted ensuring that they cannot be duplicated. This adds to the authenticity of value of each piece. Schlanser’s art has been shipped to over 35 countries and has been commissioned by numerous collectors and corporations: Coca-Cola Company, Disney Corporation, CB Commercial, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Arnold Schwarznegger, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and many others.

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