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Sydney Lynch-Miranda Stud Earrings - Gold, Silver and Keshi Pearls-SL-ER-218

Miranda Stud Earrings - Gold, Silver and Keshi Pearls

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Sydney Lynch-Miranda Stud Earrings - Gold, Silver and Keshi Pearls-SL-ER-218
These Miranda studs feature two round white keshi pearls, lustrous - in a dark, oxidized sterling silver setting with 18 karat gold details. Post and nut fittings. Miranda: beautiful to behold.

Button Earring Details

Earring Style: Black Silver Button Style Earrings with Keshi Pearls and Gold Accents
Backing Style: Post and Nut
Backing Metal: Oxidized Sterling Silver
Post Position: Center of Earring
Earring Dimensions: 11mm in diameter
4mm deep
Metal Type: Blackened Sterling Silver
18kt Yellow Gold
Metal Finish: Polished
Artist's Collection: Miranda
Artist's Edition: Studio Production

Pearl Details

Type of Pearl: Cultured Keshi Pearl
Number of Pearls: 1 per earring
2 total
Pearl Color: White
Pearl Shape: Button
Pearl Dimensions: coming soon
Setting: Peg Set

Artist Details

Artist's Name: Sydney Lynch
Artist's Location: Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Artist's Technique: Hand Fabricated

Sydney Lynch

Fell in love with jewelry when she was young, rummaging through her grandmother’s bureau drawers, enchanted by her treasure trove of costume jewelry that she kept in a jumble of tiny boxes, each with its own story. Since childhood Sydney has accumulated and "curated” her collections of objects, found and acquired, assembling them in patterns and groupings that often inspire her jewelry designs. She thinks of these pebbles, shells, rusted metal fragments and art objects as an archive of personal memories.

While working on the Navajo Reservation during college, Sydney Lynch fell in love with the wide open western landscape and met her first silversmiths who inspired her to learn to make her own jewelry. She moved from Connecticut to Colorado, where she got her BFA at the University of Colorado, and decided if nothing else, a traditional career wasn’t for her. She eventually relocated to a farm in Nebraska, then to Lincoln, where she now lives. Sydney has an airy, sun-filled studio where she works with two bench assistants and her husband, who manages the business end of things.

Working with the materials is the most exciting part of the process for Sydney. Simply put, she likes making things. In her one of a kind pieces, she exercises her love of color, incorporating a wide range of colored stones in the designs. Another body of work focuses on sterling silver, sometimes oxidized, combined with high karat gold. Many of her designs are abstract, leaving the wearer open to finding their own personal, intuitive relationship with the jewelry.


No cleaning products or rouge cloth should be applied to the jewelry since that will damage the black patina on the silver. Sydney Lynch jewelry combines oxidized sterling silver with 18k and 22k gold. Bimetal, a laminate of 22k gold and sterling, is also used. The bimetal consists of a solid sheet of gold fused to silver, and the gold will not wear or scratch off.

Sterling Silver

Many silver jewelry pieces today are rhodium coated to prevent tarnishing and can be easily cleaned at home. Use a damp cloth, gentle soap and water to clean your jewelry. Then dry with a dry cloth.

More aggressive cleaning may be necessary for tarnished or textured jewelry. Heat the item by dipping in hot tap water. Then scrub with a soft toothbrush using toothpaste, baking soda or a non-abrasive silver polish to remove most tarnish and dirt.

Jewelry with pearls or soft gemstones (carnelian, lapis, malachite, opal, onyx) requires special care. Use only the softest cloth and wipe gently, and never use harsh cleaning solutions or chemicals.

To prevent damage and reduce the need for cleaning, keep all jewelry, (especially pearls and soft gemstones) away from household cleaners and hair care products. Chlorine bleach found in hot tubs and swimming pools can be especially harmful and will immediately tarnish most sterling and damage soft gemstones.

Gold, Platinum and Other Precious Metals and Gems

Most fine gold jewelry may be cleaned simply using warm water and nonabrasive soap using a small bristle brush such as a soft child’s toothbrush to remove solid substances lodged to the surface. Rinse in warm water, dry and polish with a soft cloth.

An ultrasonic cleaner can be used, except for items with aquamarines, emeralds, opals, and pearls. Jewelry with aquamarine, emeralds, opals, and pearls should be cleaned very carefully with soap and water.

Take Simple Precautions

Fine jewelry is durable, but not indestructible. We recommend not wearing your fine jewelry weightlifting, heavy lifting, playing golf, landscaping, gardening, horseback riding, in the pool or spa. Chlorine is toxic for many metals.



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