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Sarah Graham-Pebbles Linked Bracelet - Gold and Cobalt Chrome-18B1-1GGS Sarah Graham-Pebbles Linked Bracelet - Gold and Cobalt Chrome-18B1-1GGS

Pebbles Linked Bracelet - Gold and Cobalt Chrome

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Sarah Graham-Pebbles Linked Bracelet - Gold and Cobalt Chrome-18B1-1GGS Sarah Graham-Pebbles Linked Bracelet - Gold and Cobalt Chrome-18B1-1GGS

Linked Bracelet Details

Bracelet Style: Organic Black & Gold Linked Bracelet with Toggle Clasp
Metal Type: 18kt White Gold
18kt Yellow Gold
Black Cobalt Chrome
Metal Finish: Polished
Clasp Type: Toggle Clasp
Bracelet Length: 7.5 inches long
Bracelet Width: coming soon
Number of Links: 15
Link Dimensions: coming soon
Artist's Collection: Pebbles
Artist's Edition: Studio Production

Artist Details

Artist's Name: Sarah Graham
Artist's Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Artist's Technique: Hand Cast and Fabricated

Sarah Graham

Creates original art jewelry for everyday wear, pieces that announce the confidence you possess in your own personal style. Inspired design, exceptional quality, and superior wearability combine with 18 karat gold and blackened steel, and black, white and cognac diamonds, as well as Akoya and Tahitian Pearls.

Sarah Graham blends all three in there is no greater driving force than the combination of the three. The capability to connect with and analyze its impact takes a special talent and an eye for underlying beauty that this world delivers.  Sarah Graham translates not only the beauty that this life holds, but the roughness as well, into jewelry designs that are organic, rough, yet subtly refined as well.

Sarah’s inspired designs translate nature into the more abstract organic forms found in her work. The cobalt chrome that she uses in much of her work allows for her art to achieve the dramatic look that she strives to create.  It is surgical quality steel, which after her oxidation process holds a matte black iron-like appearance. Her cobalt chrome, set alongside 18 karat yellow, white, and rose gold, allows for a multi-dimensional look.

Growing up, art played a large role in Sarah’s life.  Her mother was a versatile artist, and Sarah Graham grew up in an environment surrounded by collections of art that spanned genres and styles.  As important a role as art played in Sarah’s upbringing, her own chosen profession leaned more toward the business side. Sarah Graham earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business, and while this led her life into many different directions, she realized that the creativity and artwork that she so appreciated was missing from her routine. Unsure of a medium to express herself artistically, jewelry design came by accident. As a gift, Sarah designed a bracelet for her sister, which she had a jewelry artist fabricate for her.  After witnessing the process, beginning to end, she found herself enamored by the amount of work and talent that it takes to create a piece of jewelry.  From that point on, Sarah dedicated herself to learning the art and the trade of Jewelry.

Sarah began to work for a jewelry retail store, and on her days off she would work alongside the bench jeweler taking in all the information that he could share. She then spent two years traveling, absorbing what the world had to offer and gaining inspiration. She went to museums, galleries, and stores, and studied the works from artists around the world.  After her extensive travel Sarah obtained an apprenticeship under a master goldsmith, and for two years she worked hard to perfect her talents. She then became a bench jeweler and remained such until 2000, when finally she branched out and started the jewelry collections that we see today.

Sarah Graham’s striking jewelry is exciting and elegant with a constant stream of new designs flowing from her studio every year. This, along with her unique combination of business and retail experience, traveling, a rigorous apprenticeship and her dedication to providing outstanding customer service to her clients, ensure many more years of success for Sarah Graham Metalsmithing.

The best way to clean Sarah Graham jewelry is to use a steam cleaner. You can use an ultrasonic cleaner, but only for a short period of time. Do not soak the piece in jewelry cleaner. A soft toothbrush can be used to help loosen built up residue on the inside of the piece. Use a toothbrush and Windex and rinse with hot water.


The steel is blackened with heat; it is a type of oxidization. Like all oxides, it is a surface coloration that will soften with wear. Because the black will remain in the crevices and wear from the top surfaces, you can look forward to the texture of the jewelry becoming more apparent over time. It can go in the ultrasonic and steamer, but cannot be polished. The most wear will show on rings, then bracelets. Necklaces and earrings, depending on how they are stored, will show less wear.

Gold, Platinum and Other Precious Metals and Gems

Most fine gold jewelry may be cleaned simply using warm water and nonabrasive soap using a small bristle brush such as a soft child’s toothbrush to remove solid substances lodged to the surface. Rinse in warm water, dry and polish with a soft cloth.

An ultrasonic cleaner can be used, except for items with aquamarines, emeralds, opals, and pearls. Jewelry with aquamarine, emeralds, opals, and pearls should be cleaned very carefully with soap and water.

Take Simple Precautions

Fine jewelry is durable, but not indestructible. We recommend not wearing your fine jewelry weightlifting, heavy lifting, playing golf, landscaping, gardening, horseback riding, in the pool or spa. Chlorine is toxic for many metals.


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Sarah is one of the most distinctive contemporary jewelry designers. Her edgy organic designs incorporate
the look of iron mixed with 18k gold and diamonds.