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Etienne Perret

Designer Jewelry Collection

Etienne Perret-Ring - Band - Dome - Green Ceramic - Polished - No Gemstone-CED00GR-P Etienne Perret-Ring - Band - Dome - Green Ceramic - Polished - No Gemstone-CED00GR-P Etienne Perret-Ring - Band - Dome - Green Ceramic - Polished - No Gemstone-CED00GR-P

Ring - Band - Dome - Green Ceramic - Polished - No Gemstone

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$90 - $140

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Etienne Perret-Ring - Band - Dome - Green Ceramic - Polished - No Gemstone-CED00GR-P Etienne Perret-Ring - Band - Dome - Green Ceramic - Polished - No Gemstone-CED00GR-P Etienne Perret-Ring - Band - Dome - Green Ceramic - Polished - No Gemstone-CED00GR-P

Ring Details

Ring Style: Comfort Fit Ceramic Dome Band
Metal Type: Zirconia Ceramic
Metal Color: Deep Green
Metal Finish: Polished
Available Widths: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm wide
Artist's Collection: Dome
Artist's Edition: Studio Production

Artist Details

Artist's Name: Etienne Perret
Artist's Location: Camden, Maine, USA
Artist's Technique: Sintered and Polished

Etienne Perret

Sleek, stunning, simple… Etienne Perret is an artistic mastermind, creating beautiful jewelry from a material not traditionally used in his profession. For many thousands of years the criteria for quality jewelry has been based off the use of certain precious metals: gold, platinum, and silver. Etienne has broken new grounds in the design of his jewelry using a material called gem ceramic. Hard as sapphires and virtually indestructible, it has a beautiful look which is brought to glory by Etienne’s addition of white and colored diamonds and south sea pearls. Etienne’s high shine black gem ceramic ring riddled with white diamonds is a testament to his artistic ability.

Etienne’s gem ceramic jewelry is lighter than traditional precious metal jewelry, yet more durable than any other. Nearly impossible to scratch or crack, it is perfect for the person who is hard on their jewelry. His designs are so hard, in fact, that they can only be drilled using a diamond bit. Etienne demonstrates the durability of his rings by throwing one of them repeatedly against a marble slab and showing the damage caused: his ring unscathed, the marble slab, however, chipped and covered in dents. If that were not enough, he completes his presentation by taking an industrial file and grinding away at the ring, the result - the ring still intact, yet another sad story for the steel file: it is now polished and slick, retired from the filing business forever. Because of the durability and composition of gem ceramic, care for Etienne’s jewelry is undemanding. Simple polishing cloth should do the trick.

This Rhode Island School of Design graduate, as well as Graduate Gemologist educated at the Gemological Institute of America, has been creating masterpieces for well over two decades. First inspired by the use of gem ceramic by Rado in their watches over twenty years ago, his design has finally come full circle and began getting the recognition it deserves. He holds two Diamonds of Distinction awards, as well as a coveted finalist spot for the Niche award. Celebrities have taken notice of his innovative design as well. Toni Collette, star of the showtime series "The United States of Tara”, and mother to the adorable pageant child in "Little Miss Sunshine,” chose Etienne Perret’s bracelet and ring combination to wear to the 2010 Emmy Awards.

Etienne Perret’s design aesthetic is not limited to his use of gem ceramic; he also creates jewelry in the more traditional fashion, using 18k yellow and white gold, as well as platinum. However, even at his most traditional, he still brings uniqueness to his designs yet to be seen elsewhere. A simple solitaire takes on a three dimensional feel when set into his two-tone yellow and white gold High Halo setting, the diamond bezel set, floating above the base on a sort of pedestal, perfectly circular, front and center.

With a passion for creating wearable art and a love of jewelry, design is Etienne’s calling. From his ocean front studio in Camden, Maine, to our galleries in Solvang and Monterey, Etienne brings beauty and inspiration through each of his designs. ZFolio Gallery is honored to represent the work of Etienne Perret, and we are excited for each person who decides to make one of his creations a part of their life.

Gem Ceramic

Care for gem ceramic jewelry as you would any other type of jewelry. If it gets dirty you can wash it with soap and water, and a polishing cloth is the perfect choice to shine the jewelry up.

18 Karat Yellow Gold, White Gold and Platinum

Use mild soap and water, a polishing cloth, or a steam cleaner. All jewelry cleaning methods will work for these designs.

White and Colored Diamonds

Etienne Perret uses white and colored diamonds in his jewelry. These are the most durable of all gemstones; any jewelry cleaning method will work. Remember that lotions and soaps can dull the vibrancy of your gemstone jewels. Soaking your rings in warm soapy water and giving them a scrub with an old, soft toothbrush will work wonders for shining up your jewelry.

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A contemporary jewelry designer known for colored diamonds and now Gem Ceramic,
a new material that is both elegant and extremely durable.