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Joan Edelstein-Roots Scarf & Wrap in Cabernet-JE-R-CAB Joan Edelstein-Roots Scarf & Wrap in Cabernet-JE-R-CAB

Roots Scarf & Wrap in Cabernet

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$75 - $85

Ships in 2 to 4 weeks.

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Joan Edelstein-Roots Scarf & Wrap in Cabernet-JE-R-CAB Joan Edelstein-Roots Scarf & Wrap in Cabernet-JE-R-CAB

Scarf & Wrap Details

Scarf & Wrap Style: See-Through Silk & Yarn Decorative Art Scarf or Wrap
Type of Fabric: Silk Border
Various Ribbons, Threads and Yarns at the Center
Scarf & Wrap Colors: Border - Cabernet - Deep Pink
Interior - Multi-Color in Bright Tones
Scarf Dimensions: 54" long by 6" wide
Wrap Dimensions: 60" long by 8" wide
Fabric Care: Hand Wash - Click on the Care tab for details
Artist's Collection: Roots
Artist's Edition: Studio Production

Artist Details

Artist's Name: Joan Edelstein
Artist's Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Artist's Technique: Mitered, Layered and Sewn

Joan Edelstein

Has always been captivated by the visual and tactile textures of fiber; in raw form, in fabric form, in constructed, wearable form. Though she has worked in other media, it is fiber that invites her to self-expression. It is fiber that invites her to create.

In her work, Joan Edelstein utilizes all types of fabrics and fibers: natural fibers - silks, linens, cottons (but no wool - can you believe it, a fiber artist who is allergic to wool...), synthetic fibers - metallics, rayons, nylons, poly-blends, plastics. Brand new, right-off-the-bolt fabrics, and, the ones she loves best: the pieces she cut from a skirt she found for $2.00 at the Goodwill Store; the trim off her mom’s jacket that now has moth holes in it; the pleated metallic fabric from that dress her girlfriend’s mom wore to a wedding; the gorgeous silk charmeuse gleaned from a very stained, but glamorous 1930’s bead jacket she found at a flea market. She can’t resist any of it.

Joan Edelstein’s current body of work is the creation of mixed fiber collage scarves and wraps from the many kinds of fiber mentioned above, one of a kind and limited production designs using both contemporary and repurposed fabrics. "I have been told that my pieces are works of art. I don’t know about that. I just know that I make them because I simply can’t help myself.”

She has devised a process which involves anywhere from seven to twelve steps (depending on the piece.) It includes laying and mitering of the silk border and foundation; printing of certain thematic fabrics; layering of both contemporary and vintage fabrics and fibers; sewing, finishing and pressing each piece.

Some of her scarves and shawls are tried & true patterns. For many, though the overall patterns and designs may appear similar, the placement and use of fabrics and fibers will differ so that each piece becomes a unique, one of a kind work of art to wear or display.


Care of Joan Edelstein’s Scarves And Shawls
Hand wash separately in cold water using mild soap. Roll wet scarf into a towel to get the water out. Press damp scarf with iron on ‘silk’ setting. Press straight down trying to avoid ironing side-to-side. Do not press directly on sequins, beads or glitter.

The scarves look fragile but do not break easily. The thread used is very strong and will not tear (just don’t let your cat play with it). Joan Edelstein scarves and shawls do not play well with long, dangly earrings or charm bracelets.

Due to the nature of handmade art, irregularities in colors, fabrics or fibers will often occur in the creation of Joan Edelstein’s designs. These irregularities should not be considered as damage or defect but as part of the individuality and beauty of each piece.
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