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John-Michael Mendizza-Spiral Pendant - Diamonds, Agate & Tourmaline in 18k White Gold-JMMP100 John-Michael Mendizza-Spiral Pendant - Diamonds, Agate & Tourmaline in 18k White Gold-JMMP100

Spiral Pendant - Diamonds, Agate & Tourmaline in 18k White Gold

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John-Michael Mendizza-Spiral Pendant - Diamonds, Agate & Tourmaline in 18k White Gold-JMMP100 John-Michael Mendizza-Spiral Pendant - Diamonds, Agate & Tourmaline in 18k White Gold-JMMP100

Pendant Details

Pendant Style: Carved Gemstone Pendant
Metal Type: 18kt Gold
Metal Color: White
Metal Finish: Polished
Pendant Dimensions: 48mm tall including bail
39mm across
Bail Style: Ornamented Round Bail
Bail Opening: 5mm in diameter
Artist's Collection: Spiral
Artist's Edition: One of a Kind

Agate Details

Number of Agates: 1
Agate Color: Black with Amber Undertones
Agate Size: 39mm in diameter
Agate Shape: Round
Cut: Fantasy Carving
Cutter: Steve Walters
Cut Edition: One of a Kind

Tourmaline Details

Type of Tourmaline: Rubellite Tourmaline
Number of Tourmalines: 1
Country of Origin: Brazil
Tourmaline Color: Deep Pink
Color Enhancement: None
Carat Weight: 1.55 carats
Tourmaline Shape: Round
Cut Name: Spike Brilliant
Cutter: James Foster
Cut Edition: Studio Production
Setting: Bezel Set

White Diamond Details

Number of White Diamonds: 18
Carat Weight: 0.13 carat total weight
Color Grade: F-G
Clarity: VS
Diamond Shape: Round
Cut: Brilliant Cut
Setting: Bead Set

Artist Details

Artist's Name: John-Michael Mendizza
Artist's Location: Erfurt, Germany
Artist's Technique: Hand Forged

John-Michael Mendizza

Was born and raised in Long Beach California. As a young boy he visited a jeweler with his mother and was fascinated by the experience: "I can still remember watching the jeweler melting a few pieces of old gold and poring them into a block of charcoal”. From that day on, his answer to the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?” was "a jeweler”.

While studying Global Studies at UCSB, being involved with the opening of Zfolio Gallery brought him back into contact with gems, jewelry and some of the world’s best jewelry artists. Sitting on the airport floor, waiting for a flight to Tucson for the well-known gem show, he met Gregory and Jennifer Morin. Gregore became his first real mentor, and generously spent many Friday mornings helping John-Michael’s ideas become reality. Gregore’s amazing skill and precision helped to develop his talents and gave him the confidence to work with challenging stones and techniques.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree from UCSB, he moved to Germany to be with the woman he met dancing Argentine Tango, and began a classical apprenticeship with a very artistic German designer. After two years he switched to another mentor who’s stile and designs were more compatible with his own. He will finish his apprenticeship in February of 2014, and become a certified German Goldsmith.

His design inspiration comes from the challenge presented by a particular gem. Fascinated with unusual cuts and carvings of gemstones, he always looks for unique shapes and forms to work with. "Some designers have an idea and then select stones to fit that design, whereas I most often look for stones that inspire me, and then I create my design to fit that stone.” His sense of balance and harmony gives his pieces a streamlined, clean look.

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