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Important Notes On Ring Sizing:

Click to view and print our Guide For Ring Sizes PDF. It offers three different ways to determine your ring sizes. Sizing a ring is a personal affair. Some like them snug. Others like them to move or spin. The size of the ring matters. Thin bands most often require a smaller size. Larger rings with some weight on the top or with wider bands most often feel best with slightly larger sizes. 

The width of a band, the material used, and the finish all affect how a ring feels or fits on each finger. We found that the most accurate method is to use an existing ring that fits the correct finger and using #3 Measure A Ring to determine the size. However, even this can be deceptive if the new ring is thin or wider than average. The Paper Ring Method and the Cut Our Ring & Size methods are less accurate due to the width of the paper used relative to the width of the finished ring and the amount of tension applied when making the measurement. These variables can render a full ring size or more difference. Hands may also swell during the day. We recommend taking measurements in the evening. These references are shared as a guide only. *It is your responsibility to provide accurate ring sizes when placing an order.

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