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For larger selections including Annamaria Cammilli, Alex Sepkus, FreyWille, and other artists that celebrate life's many gifts.

Jewelry Artist Sydney Lynch Personal Appearance and Jewelry Trunk Show in Solvang
Meet Jewelry Artist Sydney Lynch at ZFolio Gallery in Solvang on Friday 11/29 and Saturday 11/30 from 10 am to 6 pm

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Each piece of Sydney Lynch jewelry is made by hand in her airy sun-filled studio located in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she works with two bench assistants and her husband. For Sydney, jewelry is wearable art that must be comfortable and possess a strong, personalized sense of design.

Sydney fell in love with jewelry when she was young, rummaging through her grandmother’s bureau drawers, enchanted by her treasure trove of costume jewelry that she kept in a jumble of tiny boxes, each with its own story. Since childhood Sydney has accumulated and "curated” her collections of objects, found and acquired, assembling them in patterns and groupings that often inspire her jewelry designs. She thinks of these pebbles, shells, rusted metal fragments and art objects as an archive of personal memories.

While working on the Navajo Reservation during college, she fell in love with the wide open western landscape and met her first silversmiths who inspired her to learn to make her own jewelry. She moved from Connecticut to Colorado, where she got her BFA at the University of Colorado, and decided if nothing else, a traditional career wasn’t for her.

She eventually relocated to a farm in Nebraska, then to Lincoln, where she now lives. Working with the materials is the most exciting part of the process for Sydney. Simply put, she likes making things.

In her one-of-a-kind pieces, she exercises her love of color, incorporating a wide range of colored stones from all over the world in the designs. Another body of work focuses on sterling silver, sometimes oxidized, combined with high karat gold. Many of her designs are abstract, leaving the wearer open to finding their own personal, intuitive relationship with the jewelry.

ZFolio Gallery is honored to present Sydney Lynch’s collection during this fun Thanksgiving weekend event. You may preview some her contemporary and elegant, bold yet refined jewelry on ZFolio’s brand new website at ZFolio.com

Posted by --- Zdena

Fun Workshop Planned for SOLVANG’S THIRD WEDNESDAY
November 20th 4pm to 7pm

Art of Accessorizing Workshop with Paula ParisottoWhat more could a girl want? While you are surrounded by the breathtaking art and beauty of ZFolio Gallery, sip champagne, eat chocolate and giggle with girlfriends as Personal & Wardrobe Stylist Paula Parisotto shares her professional tips on accessorizing to update your style. And as you nibble on treats from Decadence Fine Cakes and Confections, experts from A Blissful Place Wellness Spa & Learning Center will pamper and nourish your skin.

All of the businesses sharing their expertise and participating in this brand new workshop - Zdena Jiroutova from ZFolio Gallery, Paula Parisotto from Dettamoda, Dawn Peters from Decadence Fine Cakes and Confections, Maria Wagner from A Blissful Place Wellness Spa & Learning Center - are graduates of Women’s Economic Ventures who have started local businesses here in the Santa Ynez Valley.

During this workshop, Paula Parisotto invites you to come play "dress-up” in the most fantastic "toy-box” of international fashion located right here in Solvang – ZFolio Gallery. ZFolio Gallery searches America and Europe for the latest in artistic jewelry and accessories. Paula will use her expertise to assess your body type and coloring (hair & skin), then choose from a vast collection of over 80 artists the beneficial textures, patterns, colors and shapes that help emphasize your best assets and stay true to your personal style.

Instead of agonizing over what to wear every day, with Paula’s help, you’ll gain power over style insecurities and have the ability to pull together fashionable looks that bring about confidence, sophistication and beauty.

You just may find yourself modeling designer jewelry by Alex Sepkus from New York City, Annamaria Cammilli from Italy, Jorge Revilla from Spain, Bernd Wolf from Germany and/or California artists such as Sarah Graham, Eddie Sakamoto, Magick Fusager and David Tishbi!

And let’s not forget about your most important accessory – your skin. This is the accessory that is with you wherever you go for the rest of your life. Let’s take care of it! Experts from A Blissful Place Wellness Spa & Learning Center are going to give you quick, healthy tips for a beautiful glow at any age.

Bring a friend and/or come make new friends. After having a fun evening, playing with beautiful things, modeling and eating yummy treats in this workshop, you will leave with newfound knowledge of the art of accessorizing and how to make simple changes to your wardrobe and skin that will make a world of difference. Plus at the end of the evening we will have a raffle giving away fantastic prizes: a Makeover from A Blissful Place Wellness Spa and Learning Center and a Personal Styling Consultation with 1-hour of The Therapy Session (Closet Audit, Organization and Closet Shopping) from Paula Parisotto! MUST BE 21 OR OVER - NO FEE - BUT SPACE IS VERY LIMITED. For more info contact Darcy: darcy@zfolio.com.

Posted by --- Zdena