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For larger selections including Annamaria Cammilli, Alex Sepkus, FreyWille, and other artists that celebrate life's many gifts.

Twenty nine talented members of the Guild exhibited their work at the gallery this December and January. The theme, structure and rhythm, inspired a wide range of expressions in a variety of materials and techniques: gold, silver, enamel, gemstones, cast, hammered, fired, chased, textured, and others. Participating jewelry artists were Pat Accorinti, Anna Belom, Jerry Blanchard, Mary Bronzan, Joyce Chadderdon, Sherry Cordova, Kaia Cornell, Helene Daniels, Toni Danzig, Jane Edberg, Elsa Etcheverry, Pat Evans, Angela Gleason, Dorien Green, Fran Grinels, Carol Holaday, Padmasheela Kiiskila, Himani Natu, Annette Nemes, Larry John Probst, Merry-Lee Rae, Cynthia Rand-Thompson, Asha Ramseh, Angela Ray, Ron Rice, Kristine Richardson, Daria Salus, Jose Santana and Patti Wells.

And thank you to the gallery patrons for supporting local artistry and letting your minds dance with the structure and rhythm of the Guild members’ creations.

Posted by --- Zdena