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It’s the Experience

Saturday, May 6, 2017

After a decade people still walk into ZFolio and smile. There is a special look in their eyes, a sense of wonder. It is wonder-full being surrounded by a garden of beauty, each creation radiating something rare and unique. This feeling is why we love doing what we do.

Years ago, someone shared that art isn’t the object, be it a ring, painting or sculpture. Art are the feelings that beauty or great design elicit. As the world becomes more homogenized, more the same and more virtual, experiencing the feelings of grace, passion, inspiration and beauty becomes ever more important.

Being touched by beauty is essential just like healthy food, clean water and playful laughter. Beauty touches us deeply. Beauty inspires us, opens us to new perceptions and renews, or should I say, reawakens the genius of childhood and wonder many of us lost long ago.

At ZFolio we help you get that feeling back.

Posted by Derek Dodds