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Contemporary Artist Showcase Exhibits - Alishan Halebian in our Solvang Gallery now through May 20th.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

ZFolio is hosting a series of Contemporary Artist Showcase Exhibits beginning with Alishan Halebian in our Solvang Gallery now through May 20th. More dates coming soon.

Alishan is one of the most original artists creating and pursuing his personal vision in jewelry. Being a self-taught goldsmith, his treatment of precious metals is masterly.

Using sophisticated techniques, he creates seemingly weightless pieces, capturing metallic beauty in a luxe look with textures intended to thrill and inspire.

Alishan‘s Armenian heritage brings the philosophies of two world cultures, East and West together, which burst into creative expression of style in his distinctive collections.

His discerning clientele are attracted to his designs for their notably individual characteristics and emotions, confronting line and form.


His contemporary designs, merged with classical art elements bring exquisite style to his jewelry collection, which sell at the finest retail jewelry stores in America and Canada.

For more information on Alishan Halebian (click here) or drop into our Solvang Gallery to see this wonderful collection.


Posted by Derek Dodds

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