Tsars Collection by Tatiana Fabergé SA necklaces in 18 karat gold

Now presented at ZFolio Solvang, The Tsars Collection is a timeless jewelry collection that exudes royalty. Our collections include some original designs of the Tatiana Fabergé's great grandfather Peter Carl Fabergé, known worldwide for creating famous jewelry for Russian Tsars and has thus continued a tradition traced back from more than 100 years.

The Tsars Collection has a wide range of offerings including table eggs, charms, egg pendants, bracelets and rings.The jewelry is crafted using traditional techniques as well as modern elements and concepts.

Luxury. Elegance.Class. Royalty.

The History of the Fabergé Family

Tsars Collection by Tatiana Fabergé SA - Empress Maria Collection Twist rings in 18 karat gold with diamonds

Carl Fabergé was born in St. Petersburg in 1846. He attended the top schools in Germany and traveled around Europe for several years before stopping in Frankfurt to study as a craftsman. At 26, he returned to St. Petersburg to continue his father's work as a master jeweler. In a short time, the young jeweler, transformed his father's small atelier into the largest jewelry factory in the entire Russian Empire.
In 1885, the Russian Tsar discovered the talent and quality pieces produced by Fabergé. On May 1st, 1885, the Tsar ordered his first egg and appointed Carl Fabergé the court jeweler. The company received international awards and recognition leading to almost all the royal families in Europe becoming customers. In the lifetime of the company, more than 150,000 pieces of jewelry were produced and more than 500 master jewelers worked there.
In 1917 with the defeat of the Tsar, the new Russian government entered the atelier and confiscated the eggs, diamonds, documents, projects, and precious drawings. Fabergé was forced to close the company in 1918 and seek refuge in Switzerland where he died in September 1920.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992, Russian General Nikolai Shajdullintook over the old factory in St. Petersburg, where he found an extraordinary treasure in old drawings and plans, as well as 80 original drawings certified by Valentin Skurlov, the greatest expert on the history of Fabergé, collaborator of the Ministry of Culture in Russia, and co-author with Alain Kohler and Tatiana Fabergé for the book -FABERGÉ -A COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE BOOK. These drawings are used as inspiration for the present Peter Carl Classic designs of the Tsars Collection.

What is Guilloché Enamel?

Tsars Collection by Tatiana Fabergé SA - necklaces in 18 karat gold with diamonds

Guilloché enamel is an engraving technique that creates symmetrical patterns using a flat mechanical lathe, known as a guillocher. These machines generate a repetitive pattern of engraved, linear and wavy lines, or concentric circles.

It was Carl Fabergé who first combined enamel and guilloched silver plates during the fin-de-sieclé artistic movement in the 1800’s.

Tatiana Fabergé, the founder of the homonymous company, has strongly introduced this technique in the creation of the Tsars Collection jewelry line.

18 karat gold collections: Empress Maria, Elizaveta, Anna Karenina, Natalija, Anna Pavlovna, Kitty

Sterling silver collections: Alexandra, Tamara, Maksim, Moika, Olga, Romanov, Peter Carl Classics, Treasure Mountain, 9Nine, TF Homme

Jewelry Care

Gently wipe the jewelry item with a damp microfiber cloth.

Do not use silver or specialty cleaning cloths on your Tsars Collection jewels as they contain chemical substances that could damage the enamels and gilded products.

Tsars Collection by Tatiana Fabergé SA - collage of necklaces and pendants