How to clean diamond earrings


No matter how much we love our diamond earrings, sooner or later, they will need a good cleaning. Fortunately, keeping them sparkling like new is easy. Diamonds are one of the hardest materials on earth; they are not easily scratched and can handle most cleaning methods available.

How Often Should You Clean Your Diamond Earrings?

How often you clean your diamond earrings (or any other jewelry) depends on how often you wear them. But to keep any oil and dirt from building up, it is recommended that you clean your diamond earrings once a week. You should also take your diamond earrings to a professional jeweler to get them cleaned and inspected at least twice a year. This will help maintain their shine and ensure all diamond pieces in your earring are secure in the setting.

How to Clean Diamond Earrings

There are several methods you can try at home to clean your diamond earrings, but the easiest and most effective cleaning method is the soap and water duo. Here are the steps:

  • First, add a few drops of mild dish soap with warm (not hot) water. Hot water can damage the setting of your earrings.
  • Soak your earrings in the mixture for three to four minutes to loosen any dirt or grime.
  • Gently scrub the diamond and the setting with a soft toothbrush. Be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.
  • Rinse the earrings in warm water and dry them with a soft cloth.

Alternative Methods to Clean Diamond Earrings

Another option for cleaning diamond earrings is to use a mild jewelry cleaner. These cleaners are designed specifically for cleaning jewelry and are safe to use on diamonds. You can also try household products such as Windex and mild liquid detergents, especially ones with sodium lauryl ether sulfate. 

  • Spray a small soft-bristled toothbrush with Windex
  • Brush the diamonds earrings softly
  • Rinse the earrings with water
  • Wipe them dry with a soft cloth.

The Bottom Line

Even diamond, one of the hardest materials in existence, requires cleaning too. And if you follow the steps above, you'll be sure to keep your diamond jewelry looking as stellar as the first day you got it. If you need help to buy diamond earrings for yourself or your loved one, contact us at ZFolio to speak to one of our jewelry consultants.