Candle - Single - Little Candle - Rounded Taper - Light Amber
Candle - Single - Little Candle - Rounded Taper - Light Amber

Candle - Single - Little Candle - Rounded Taper - Light Amber


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While contemporary in nature, the simplicity of this new rounded tapered light amber "Little" candle lends it to both modern and traditional settings. Stands up to relatively high temperatures without slumping and burns cleanly for about 32 hours. Made using a blend of very high-grade paraffin waxes. The wick is cotton and natural fibers without any metal. Unscented.

Gorgeous on its own, or in a group of coordinating colors. Made in Pennsylvania by a small team of artisans.

Little Candle in Light Amber - Short and wide teardrop shape taper candle made of Paraffin wax with a natural fiber wick
- Light Amber Color (medium-light orange with brown undertones) with crackle finish
- burn time is approximately 30 hours
- measures approximately 12cm tall by 7cm in diameter (4.75 inches tall by 2.75 inches in diameter)
- The candles are handmade and will vary slightly in color and in size. Please expect variations.

Wax Candle Details

Number of Candles: 1
Candle Shape: Teardrop
Candle Dimensions: 12cm tall, 7cm in diameter
Candle Color: Light Amber Yellow
Candle Finish: Crackled
Type of Wax: High Quality Paraffin Wax
Wick Material: Natural Fiber Wick
Estimated Burn Time: 30 Hours
Scent: Unscented
Candle Features: Clean Burning, Drip Resistant
Artist's Edition: Studio Production

Artist Details

Artist's Name: Rick & Margrethe Faulkner of Barrick Design
Artist's Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Artist's Technique: Dyed, Molded and Textured