Should you consider getting lab grown diamonds for your engagement ring? While they cost less, chemically and physically there is nothing different about lab grown diamonds from traditional, naturally mined diamonds. A lab grown diamond, whether it is created through CVD or HPHT methods, produces the same diamond. The diamond that is produced will have the same chemical and physical properties as a natural diamond. 

The Value of a Lab-Grown Diamond

A perfectly cut, flawless, and colorless diamond is incredibly rare to find naturally, but with lab-grown diamonds, this is more achievable. Both kinds of diamonds will have various amounts of inclusions, some internal characteristics more visible than others. This all depends on the level of clarity that a diamond has. You’ll find internal characteristics in both lab grown and naturally mined diamonds. These internal characteristics can be understood as “fingerprints” for each diamond. 

The Pros And Cons of Buying A Lab-Grown Diamond

Pros of Buying a Lab-Grown Diamond

Purchasing a lab grown diamond can be equally beneficial to purchasing a naturally mined diamond. 

Here are some positives to buying a lab-grown diamond:

  • Can cost between 30-50% less than mined diamonds of comparable size and quality
  • The same chemical, optical and physical properties
  • A good alternative to natural diamonds, especially if not looking to resell

Cons to Buying a Lab-Grown Diamond

Here are some cons to buying lab-grown diamonds. 

  • Sustainability issues with how much energy is used to create these diamonds. From the perspective of impact on the environment, the process of making a lab grown diamond requires a lot more energy than mining one from the ground. This can be a concern for anyone who wants to reduce the amount of energy used to produce any products. 
  • Natural diamonds are rare, potentially holding more value


Many lab grown diamonds are not certified the way that naturally mined diamonds are certified. This is because many certification houses do not view lab grown diamonds as the same as mined diamonds. However, the Gemmological Institute of America has begun to take steps to change that. You will now see lab grown diamonds with very similar GIA certifications and ratings as naturally mined diamonds.


Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical, optical and physical properties like natural diamonds. Here at ZFolio, we know that you want to make a statement with your rings, and your center gemstone is no exception. Whether you’re looking for lab-grown or natural diamonds, contact us today to help you find the diamond that is right for you or your loved one.