An Exhib of Excelence

From the excavation sites of early humanity (about 130,000 years ago!) to today’s shopping meccas around the globe, jewelry - and our passion for it - has brought people together with its cultural, emotional and symbolicsignificance.

THIS SUMMER through January 3rd, 2022, ZFolio Gallery in Solvang will host Together, an exhibition featuring the work of twenty-one American jewelry designers (and members of the American Jewelry Design Council) recognized for their exacting technical skill and the personal expression of their works of art.

Designed around a theme, these works are meant to inspire both the artist and the viewer to think beyond common limits and elevate jewelry expression to the realm of art, and are for exhibition only.

“The results are spectacular. Members employed the finest craftsmanship in precious and no-nprecious materials, as a painter would create from their palette.”

An Exhibit of Excelence



"There is some intangible phenomenon in ZFolio that makes it easy to spend money!"