Let’s face it, Amazon is a vending machine, impersonal, fast, easy, and convenient. Click, and on to the next. In ways that many hardly notice, interacting with machines forces us to become like them, mechanical, less personal. We have moved our bodies and our consciousness from the natural world and are now living inside our machines. The trouble is, machines are not alive. They do not, and cannot nurture and enhance what is living inside us.

Many of our machines appear to be alive with sights and sounds, but in truth, they are dead. All the subtle experiences; the living, three dimensional contexts; touch, aroma, our body moving through the environment, vision shifting as we move close or far away, body language, subtle changes in the way we speak, body language are neutered by machines. Machines are sensory deprivation.

A profound challenge we all face is remaining fully alive and fully human in a world increasingly dominated by technology. And this challenge redefines the meaning of the experience we call shopping. How do we embrace the convenience of a global market place and retain the lived experiences that make life worth living?

I have dedicated my life, and the vision we share at ZFolio, to redefine this critical balance. Beauty, the magical and critical feeling that transcends the mundane, the mechanical, is not a facsimile, not an image, no matter how professionally it is presented. Beauty is a lived experience. My challenge and yours is to use technology in ways that deepens, expands and enriches our lives with beauty, and not let the image to replace what is real in our lives.

When important choices matter…