Why we love Annamaria Cammilli Jewels from Florence, Italy


Yellow Sunrise Gold and Diamond Jewelry by Annamaria Cammilli

Designed in Florence by the sculptress and painter Annamaria Cammilli, the Maison’s jewels reflect the creative atmosphere that pervades their magnificent Italian city of origin, Cradle of Renaissance. Precious creations molded by expert hands as real miniature sculptures, that stand out for their living volumes, fluid shapes and an extraordinary three-dimensionality. The unique design, inspired by Nature’s shapes, is enriched by 8 sophisticated shades of 18-karat gold and the special velvety finish, resulting from years of experimentation and continuous research. The passion of the Italian goldsmiths who skilfully work and finish Cammilli creations every day becomes tangible in every single detail.

Jewels with a story to tell, recognizable without reading the label.

Sultana Collection Gold and Diamond Jewelry by Annamaria Cammilli

Cammilli creations stand out on the international scene for their "living" volumes, fluid forms that convey the illusion of a continuous movement. An extraordinary three-dimensionality that is obtained only thanks to expert hands who shape the wax as if it were clay, giving life to real miniature sculptures.

It all started with Annamaria Cammilli, who has always been a painter and sculptor. An all-round artist who has brought her passion for sculpture to jewelry design, establishing a company on the basis of her exceptional artistic talent. Over the years the creative team has expanded and continuous research has allowed the Maison to refine and customize a very special manufacturing method.

Cammilli has chosen the most ancient and romantic process to give life to its
creations: the lost wax casting technique, a method that has been used since the time of the Ancient Greeks to melt statues of great artistic value.

But what really makes Cammilli jewels unique, is what happens before the casting: the creation of the wax prototype, exclusively handmade. Here sculpting skills, decades of experience, creativity and meticulous attention to detail come together to create always new and unexpected shapes.

It would be unthinkable to obtain the sculptural volumes of Cammilli jewels using even the most advanced software: their extraordinary forms are the direct result of an artistic talent that cannot be reproduced, only imitated.

The model carved in the wax is subsequently replicated serially by lost wax casting, which allows the sinuous and three-dimensional shapes created by the hands of the creative team to be enhanced and imprinted in gold.

But the peculiarities of Cammilli jewels do not end there.

Velaa Collection Gold and Diamond Jewelry by Annamaria Cammilli
Almost forty years of specialization have allowed the company to develop the exclusive velvety gold finish which, combined with the shiny surfaces, enhances the depth of the shapes for an original and recognizable aesthetic impact. AETHERNA is the exclusive gold finishing method that has always distinguished Cammilli jewels: a secret recipe handed down over the years, where fire is the key to everything. The result is a surface with a silky and "crystallized" appearance that does not deteriorate over time.

Finally, there are Cammilli famous eight colors of gold, obtained with special gold alloys or through subsequent rhodium baths, as in the case of Black Lava and Chocolate Brown. The nuances are very sophisticated and different from each other: unique shades ranging from the timeless Yellow Sunrise to the fascinating Black Lava, from Pink Champagne, Natural Beige and White Ice to the unusual Chocolate Brown. Unexpected shades for the most demanding women, who have now the opportunity to choose the nuance that best suits their skin tone.

Black Lava Gold and Diamond Jewelry by Annamaria Cammilli

The unique features of Annamaria Cammilli jewels have made the brand famous all over the world and today the collections are available in the most exclusive boutiques, frequented by a sophisticated clientele with a passion for design. Cammilli products embody the authenticity of a manufacturing process that has its roots in the ancient goldsmith’s art and represent the real essence of Made in Italy.
The natural habitat of all this could only be Florence, the city of Benvenuto Cellini, immersed in Renaissance eternal beauty. It is no coincidence that Annamaria Cammilli flagship store is located right in the heart of art and beauty, in front of the symbol of Florence, Palazzo Vecchio.

Annamaria Cammilli Jewels in Florence since 1983.