Moonscape - Art Glass Sculpture
Moonscape - Art Glass Sculpture
Moonscape - Art Glass Sculpture
Moonscape - Art Glass Sculpture
Moonscape - Art Glass Sculpture
Moonscape - Art Glass Sculpture
Moonscape - Art Glass Sculpture

Moonscape - Art Glass Sculpture


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Moonscape is one of the most recent cast glass sculptures by Bohumil Eliáš Jr. The large round frosted surface hosts a clear rise in the lower portion of the sculpture. Two different planes of light amber colored glass create a mountain range or the edge impression of a moonscape crater near the top. This original sculpture was commissioned by ZFolio. Signed and dated. One of a kind.

Art Glass Sculpture Details

Sculpture's Name: Moonscape
Sculpture Style: Contemporary Art Glass Sculpture
Type of Glass: Optical Glass
Glass Color: Light Amber
Glass Finish: Frosted
Sculpture Dimensions: 49 cm in diameter, 11 cm deep
Markings: Signed by the Artist
Year Created: 2013
Artist's Collection: Moonscapes
Artist's Edition: One of a Kind

Artist Details

Artist's Name: Bohumil Eliáš Jr.
Artist's Location: Czech Republic
Artist's Technique: Cast, Cut and Sandblasted

Artist Bohumil Elias, Jr.

Born in 1980 to a family of artists, Czech artist Bohumil Eliáš, Jr. strives to create a harmony of color and shape with precision and reason. From 2001 to 2007 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the Department of Figurative Sculpture under Professor Jan Hendrych.

Elias, Jr. continues some of the aspects of his late father Bohumil Eliáš's techniques, but in a contemporary interpretation. Similar to his father, he layers glass, but rather than simply painting on the glass, Elias, Jr. manipulates the composite glass by sculpting it in careful stages and then uses a special glass paint to achieve depth and movement within his pieces.

A frequent motif in the artist's work is architectural elements alongside abstract, natural forms with an overall minimalistic style. It seems to be a comment on the way man can alter nature. However, because of the delicacy and meticulousness with line, the opposing elements merge together in a harmonious composition with the glass.


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