Fine Art - Seascapes - Yellow House - Limited Edition
Fine Art - Seascapes - Yellow House - Limited Edition

Fine Art - Seascapes - Yellow House - Limited Edition


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Bring a piece of the peaceful Pacific coast to your space with "Yellow House," a stunning photo of a bright yellow house by the sea in Pacific Grove, California. This picture shows the house sitting high on a bluff on the left, with the ocean swirling below and cypress trees in the distance. It's a wide, horizontal photo printed with high-quality ink on long-lasting metal or canvas, so it'll look great for years.

The advanced printing makes every color and detail pop, making you feel like you're right there by the sea. Perfect for any room, this photo adds a touch of calm and beauty to your home or office. With "Yellow House," you get a simple yet beautiful reminder of the coast's quiet charm.

Yellow house atop the bluff on the left side of the canvas - Water swirling in the cove with cypress trees in the distance - Horizontal orientation - Archival quality

Everything you need to know...

Limited Edition Photographs are printed when you place your order and will ship in 14 to 28 days. All photographs ship to your home or office for free.

Pick Your Image: The entire image library is available for custom printing and mounting. All images are archival quality. The library features seascapes, floral images and a limited number of landscapes, trees and rivers or waterways.

Size: Your first choice will be the size of the image. Ask yourself where the image will be placed and measure the optimum width. This is the key measurement. The height is automatically calculated based on the proportions of the image.

Metal Prints: In recent years Metal Prints have become the surface of choice. The colors are bright and bold. The glass like surface is sharp, like looking out a crystal clear window. Metal is the perfect choice for our contemporary seascapes. The size of the image, your decor and placement all impact the type and style of metal mounting that will be perfect for you.

Canvas: Traditionally Canvas was used. Giclée prints have a surface texture which is rich, warm and non-reflective. The most popular mounting option is a Gallery Wrap, where the canvas is stretched with the image wrapping around the sides. You may also order you canvas Giclée print unmounted. We will ship the rolled canvas images to your local framer, where you can choose the style of frame and matte treatment that will best compliment your decor. This is by far the best option when traditional framing is needed for your home or office. Call and we will discuss this unmounted option if you would like to know more.

Shipping: All photographs ship to your home or office for no additional cost.

Metal Mount - Floating

The Floating Mount adds a black border to the edge of your metal print, creating a substantial, finished feeling to the display. A metal frame is attached to the back of the metal print, raising the image approximately one inch off the wall. The finished black edge floats off the wall, creating a clean contemporary finish.


Metal Mount - Box-Shadow

The classic Box-Shadow mount frames and suspends the image in a black metal frame. The edge of the mount fits flush against the wall. This is a great choice for a classic contemporary look.


Metal Mount - Euro

With the EURO mount the metal print extends flush, covering the edge of the substantial black frame, giving the display more visual weight. The frame only shows on the edge. Michael uses the EURO mount on larger images, adding strength to the display without a frame competing with the image.


Metal Mount - Bevel

The Bevel mount is a lovely choice for a traditional yet contemporary finish. The Bevel frame adds a forty-five-degree, 2.5-inch edge to the classic box-shadow treatment of your image. The image floats inside the frame. Michael uses the Bevel mount on larger images displayed in more traditional settings.


Canvas Mount - Gallery Wrap

Here the canvas is stretched with the image wrapping around the sides. You may also order you canvas Giclée print unmounted.




It is best to speak with us directly about sizing, surface, and mounting options. Currently please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. When placing your order, we will update the expected delivery status for our image. Every client has special needs. We love to help!